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 My thoughts <3

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Chantal Garrity

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BeitragThema: My thoughts <3   Sa 8 März 2014 - 22:26

"We'll find a place, a place in time to call our home"
~The 4400 title Theme
Well I found my place and its right here. This page belongs to me. I own it. It's my place and I call it my home. I can't believe what I made but I always come back to it. If you were down I built you up, if I were down you put me through everything. You mean everything to me I hope you know. I love you so. You are my place what I call my home and you will always be. If I'm with you I am at home, my home beyond everything, my safest place to hide, my one in a Million. If I need you, you are there for me. I share with you everything and I love how you always have an Open war for me :) I just love you <3 Thanks for excisting, Crime Scene Investigation, just thank you! <3

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My thoughts <3
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